New HD Channels to IPTV Service

Magyar Telekom has deployed Harmonic's EyeQ

Harmonic announced that Magyar Telekom, telecommunications operator in Hungary, has deployed Harmonic's EyeQ content-aware encoding solution for its IPTV service. With the EyeQ solution, the operator is able to deliver additional HD channels and is supposed to realize a 30 percent bandwidth saving on the aggregated constant bit rate (CBR) core network. Harmonic's reseller Yazoo was responsible for the deployment.

"When looking for a bandwidth optimization solution for our DOCSIS and ADSL IPTV platforms, the key requirements were high video quality, outstanding reliability and standards compliancy," said Ferenc Szűcs, TV network senior advisor at Magyar Telekom. 

The EyeQ encoded stream is fully H.264 compliant, so there are no changes to today's ecosystem, whether it's based on SaaS, appliances, virtual machines or native-cloud infrastructure. By reducing the bit rate required for high-quality video delivery, the EyeQ solution delivers substantial opex and capex savings to the operator. 

Magyar Telekom also employed advanced statistical multiplexing technology from Harmonic, which aggregates the variable bit rate (VBR) encoded channels into a CBR core network to optimize its bandwidth.






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