Martyn Lee for DVB Commercial Module

Following Graham Mills

The Steering Board of the DVB Project has confirmed Martyn Lee of Sky as the new chair of its Commercial Module. He has replaced Graham Mills, who stepped down earlier this year having been in the role since the module’s very first meeting, on 31 January 1997*.

Martyn Lee. Source: DVB

DVB’s Commercial Module (CM) is an important distinguishing element of the organization as a whole, underpinning the success of DVB’s market-led approach. It is within the CM that commercial aspects of DVB work items are discussed, with the consensus embodied in a set of Commercial Requirements that govern each and every DVB specification. The CM also validates the resulting technical specifications, developed by the DVB Technical Module, against these Commercial Requirements before passing the specifications to the DVB Steering Board for final approval.

Martyn Lee comes to the role of CM chair having been active within DVB for 20 years. He also represents Sky at various other industry organizations and bodies on standards, spectrum, business and regulatory issues. 

“Martyn Lee will lead a Commercial Module that has a highly successful track record when it comes to ensuring the usefulness and relevance of DVB’s specifications for the market,” said Peter MacAvock, chair of DVB. “In replacing Graham Mills, he takes the wheel of a well-oiled machine that nevertheless has some important challenges ahead, not least in finalizing Commercial Requirements for DVB-I.”

The appointment of a new CM chair coincides with several other leadership announcements within the CM’s working groups. Jason Power of Dolby has become chair of the CM-AVC group, with Jan Outters of Samsung as vice-chair. The CM-I group is now chaired by Peter Lanigan of TP Vision, with Qualcomm’s Thomas Stockhammer as vice-chair.  Finally, a new working group focused on DVB’s stewardship of the SAT>IP specification, CM-HB (Home Broadcast), will be chaired by Nghia Pham of Eutelsat, with Gilles Gautier of Rabbit Labs as vice-chair.  

The vice-chair of the Commercial Module is Ralf Schaefer of Technicolor.   

*The DVB Memorandum of Understanding was changed in 1996, creating the Commercial Module. Prior to that there had been separate commercial modules for Cable and Satellite, Terrestrial, and Interactive Services.

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