Meeting of DVB-SIS Patent Holders

To be held during the IBC 2018 on 13 September in Amsterdam

The DVB Project announced that it is fostering the formation of a licensing programme covering patents essential to the DVB specification “Metadata generation and deterministic DVB-T-megaframe / DVB-T2-MI stream generation from MPEG2 Transport Stream(s) for a DVB Single Illumination System (DVB-SIS)”.

The initial meeting of holders of DVB-SIS technology patents is scheduled to occur on the fringes of IBC 2018, on Thursday 13 September 2018 at 14:00. The venue for the meeting is Novotel, Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands. For the agenda of the meeting and further information, please contact the DVB’s Legal Director, Carter Eltzroth ( 

The Amsterdam meeting is open to any organization or individual – whether a DVB Member or not – who has a well-founded belief that they hold patents essential to the DVB-SIS specification. The DVB-SIS technical specification was approved by the DVB Steering Board in February 2018, and subsequently sent for formal standardization by ETSI.   

As part of its policy governing the licensing of patents essential to its specifications, DVB fosters the formation of voluntary licensing programmes (patent pools). It is expected that the patent holders will promptly select a commercial facilitator to take forward the pooling effort. Participation in any licensing programme that develops from this process will be voluntary and non-exclusive.




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