AI for personalized video content

Generated cover artwork hoping to increase user engagement

Accedo announced a project with British broadcaster, ITV to use Artificial Intelligence to automatically generate cover artwork which is likely to appeal best to a given user segment. The project will be tested with a focus group of ITV users.

The project follows a prototype developed on top of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform to leverage the emotional triggers of viewers to deliver personalised cover art and in turn increase user engagement and video consumption. It has initially been tested on a number of video samples, generating thumbnails for different artwork strategies, such as focusing on main characters or the mood of the user, for example.

Working with ITV, Accedo will be able to validate the business case. The focus group with ITV’s customers will aim to evaluate in depth emotional reactions to a different set of pre-generated thumbnails. The observations will be the baseline for a prototype set of rules to preselect relevant thumbnails, such as key characters in the episode, key elements in the episode’s description, or key scenes, for example.

Lee Marshall, Head of Product, ITV Hub, commented: “Improving User Engagement is extremely important to us, helping to ensure that we are delivering relevant and interesting content to all of our users. This project opens up huge potential to offer our viewers a much more personalized, and therefore engaging, experience.”

The prototype combines the deep learning-based image and video capabilities of Amazon Rekognition with the video experience platform, Accedo One, Content Management Solution, Accedo Publish and A/B testing platform Accedo Optimize, to dynamically create, test, and adapt artwork, based on a number of different criteria.

Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo, added: “Video services are gradually putting more and more effort into personalizing services in numerous ways, from personalized ads to content recommendations. This technology has the potential to revolutionize that personalization. Collaborating with ITV gives us not only the content to test our prototype on, but also the reality check our innovation ideas need to make sure they address an existing challenge in a way which will have a positive impact on our customers’ business.”

Accedo is looking to launch other similar initiatives with partners, in order to bring innovative media use cases to the market, helping broadcasters, operators, and content providers to reinvent their services.

Accedo will be demonstrating the prototype on its booth (14.E10) at IBC from 14th to 18th September.


Wie eine moderne Workflow-Lösung helfen kann,
Herausforderungen bei der Content-Produktion zu bewältigen


Die Nachfrage nach ansprechendem, hochauflösendem Content und der weltweite Videokonsum sind im letzten Jahr um mehr als 60 % gestiegen. Durch das Streaming hochwertiger Filme, Serien, Animationen und Sportereignisse sind Videos zur neuen Normalität geworden und haben sich als effektivstes Medium für die Bereitstellung von Unterhaltungs- und Schulungsinhalten und zur Interaktion mit Zielgruppen etabliert.

Angesichts des großen Bedarfs und Wettbewerbs wird es höchste Zeit, sich Gedanken über den Aufbau eines flexiblen und verlässlichen Produktions-Workflows zu machen, in dem Rohdaten und fertige Inhalte auch in den Archiven jederzeit verfügbar sind und eine optimierte Zusammenarbeit der Kreativteams die Produktionszeiten beschleunigt.





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