Bruno Burtre for NOA

As director of business development

NOA GmbH has named Bruno Burtre as director of business development, effective immediately. In his new role, Bruno is responsible for all strategic and operational marketing and customer relationship activities worldwide.

Before joining NOA, Bruno held the position of executive director for the Education, Research and Training Department at the French National Audiovisual Institute (Ina) since 2012. At Ina, he was in charge of driving Ina EXPERT’s strategy and strengthening the organization’s place as educatorand trainer in the audiovisual, digital and transmedia fields, reinforcing its expertise and encouraging the development of research.

Bruno Burtre, who has a technical and audiovisual background, also previously worked as sales director at specialized audiovisual laboratory, Vetracom. He has knowledge of audiovisual production and archiving, and earlier in his career, worked at Sony Europe, where he contributed greatly to the sector’s technological developments. Initially in charge of the Broadcast Customer Support Departmentfor Europe, in 2002 he set up the first migration of audiovisual archives and established ways of preserving magnetic tapes.

Bruno Burtre and NOA began to collaborate in 2005 with the launch of a digital multi-thread audio channel using NOA Record system.

Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA, said: “We’ve collaborated on various projects for years and now I amproud to announce that he will play a strategic part of our increasingly expanding company.”




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