Cybernetic second skin for enterprise training

Full-body haptic suit presented at VR Days 2018

Teslasuit team took part in VR Days Europe in Amsterdam on October 24-26. Teslasuit team presented demonstration in different business verticals, including enterprise, gaming, and social VR.

Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Senior Vice-President of Business Development, talked about gamification enterprise at xR Enterprise Summit on 25 October. Based on gamification principle, VR experience with Teslasuit is supposed to turn monotonous training and education into realistic, engaging activity that motivates trainees and increases the performance of novices and experts alike. Also, Dimitri Mikhalchuk took part in discus panel on the topic "The state of the art and future trends of LBVR Hardware" in the framework of Media, Arts, Entertainment Summit.  

Teslasuit is suopposed to be the world’s first full-body haptic suit with haptic feedback, motion capture, heat control and biometric systems for immersion in virtual and augmented reality, as stated on their own account. Teslasuit is a cybernetic second skin for enterprise training:

  • Teslasuit uses haptics to enable deep immersion into XR, simulating realistic industry cases, thus making corporate training more immersive and highly effective.
  • Haptics provides unhindered, direct and effective communication channel to trainee, enabling strong imprint of training messages to memory.
  • Haptics fosters 360 degree awareness, essential to safety, thus addressing VR/AR small field of view problem.
  • Advanced biometry allows monitoring of the emotional state of the user, provides stress level management, and adaptive training content. Teslasuit was first demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2018.

Teslasuit has been collaborating with Sarah Edwards, Creative Director of Global Unscripted Formats and head of Sony Pictures Televisions (SPT) Future Formats team on a new VR format. The collaboration was announced in August 2018.

Teslasuit is currently intended into integration diverse enterprise applications and training solutions. By 2023, Teslasuit is hoping to find wider use in games and entertainment, fitness and sports, wellness and healthcare.





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