Lightworks 14.5 released

Supporting smartphone and tablet formats with variable frame rates

EditShare announced the immediate availability of its Lightworks non-linear editor (NLE) version 14.5 (Windows, Mac, and Linux) release offering over 70 new features and 500 improvements. Included is support for popular smartphone and tablet formats and variable frame rates; a new comprehensive histogram and GPU precision options for accurate colour grading and improved third-party VFX and audio round-tripping support. Lightworks 14.5 is available as a download in either the Free or Pro version.

Source: EditShare

“Lightworks 14.5 eliminates the headaches that come when working with the myriad of formats you have to deal with on any given project,” states Matt Sandford, Lightworks Product Manager, EditShare. “You can mix, edit and grade - without the need to transcode - your iPhone X shot content and your RED camera content on the same timeline. This type of flexibility brings the editorial experience to a whole new level.” Sandford concludes, “More than mixing formats, Lightworks 14.5 is a milestone release that touches upon every aspect of the post-production workflow and offers just about every editor an improvement, new feature or new integration that will make them smile. From prosumer codecs right through to our support for feature films codecs with improved native support for Red Cinema files and the latest Blackmagic RAW Q0 codec, Lightworks 14.5 has something for everyone!”

“Lightworks has always supported popular Blackmagic Design DeckLink or AJA I/O cards to ensure a clean, 10bit video display but since version 14.5, with the new 32bit float GPU precision options, Lightworks can be used for reliable, accurate colour grading for direct YouTube, Netflix, TV or Cinema Delivery,” comments freelance editor/colorist and Lightworks 14.5 beta tester Craig Marshall. “Complementing this capability is that Lightworks 14.5 exports industry-standard XML, EDL or AAF to solutions like Autodesk’s Flame and DaVinci Resolve for easy conform then final colour grading or finishing. This is the best of both worlds. You have the speed and flexibility to finish entirely within Lightworks or in conjunction with your favorite third-party application.”  

Lightworks 14.5 Feature Highlights include

  • Support for variable frame rates (.mov .mp4, .m4v)
  • Enhanced handling of .MOD and .TOD files - Lightworks 14.5 now offers format support for JVC Everio formats via .TOD file extension. Native support for the .MOD file extension from cameras from JVC, Panasonic, and Canon.
  • New Adjustable RED R3D RAW metadata parameters - New individual clip R3D decode settings panel and project-wide R3D Decode settings improve the workflow between RED Film cameras and Lightworks 14.5.
  • New File Structure Support - Lightworks 14.5 now supports XDCAM HD, AVCHD, GFCAM, JVC, GoPro, FlipVideo, and Canon folder structures. It also supports Ikegami FieldPak and chunked Canon XF clips.
  • Enhanced Colour with GPU precision options and Histogram Graphs
  • Export to REAPER (Lightworks Pro only) - Export Lightworks 14.5 audio compositions directly to REAPER for further editing, processing, or mixing.
  • Added support for decode/encode of Cineform codecs - Users can transcode, render or generate Cineform proxies for smooth and efficient editing. With Lightworks 14.5 Pro, users can export directly to the Cineform.
  • Support for Fusion 9 on Mac - Integration with Fusion 9 (Mac) opens up collaborative round tripping visual effects workflow for Lightworks 14.5 users.
  • Project-Wide LUTs - Control the look and feel of your project by adding a project-wide LUT to all your media including the exported file.
  • Voice Over and Mackie MIDI support for Linux users - Simplify adding narratives by recording direct to your timeline and mix audio levels with the new Lightworks 14.5 voiceover tool and Mackie MIDI device.
  • Set Entire Range Cue Marker - Previously users of Lightworks have only been able to mark an individual frame, with Lightworks 14.5 they can mark an entire range.




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