Videohouse adopts SubtitleNEXT software

Delivered by PBT EU team

Belgium’s Videohouse media facilities selected PBT EU’s SubtitleNEXT software to further enhance their content services department predominantly for the creation of subtitles. PBT EU develops and provides solutions and customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently.

Two levels of SubtitleNEXT, chosen by Videohouse included SubtitleNEXT Explorer and SubtitleNEXT Expert. SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, customisable, intuitive timed-text software platform. Already adopted across various multimedia industries, it is supposed to easily adapt to any settings, resolutions, and formats across online video, TV, film, theatre, concerts, festivals, conferences and events. It can be applied throughout the entire production process from concept to distribution.

Videohouse serves the Belgian market by producing films and videos, owning television and broadcast studios, and offering TV, news, movie, and B2B production, as well as AV engineering services. Videohouse also boasts post-production services hosting a versatile department of video editors, audio mixers, colourists and graphic designers. Videohouse also has its own Playout Centre that can be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of the various types of broadcaster.

Maria Maria Markovska, PBT EU’s Sales and Product Specialist at PBT EU says, “We collaborated with the Videohouse team to customise and adapt the SubtitleNEXT software usability and efficiency to match the requirements set by the Subtitling department at Videohouse. The PBT EU team worked to deliver an optimum, high quality, streamlined and future-facing solution within an environment that provides maximum flexibility to meet the varied demands in an extremely busy department that faces a large daily workload of content to complete at tight turn arounds. ”

Elisabeth Barber, Subtitler/Translator at Videohouse who is currently using the SubtitleNEXT software added: “We have been using SubtitleNEXT for a couple of months now, mainly for creating subtitles and proofreading existing subtitles. It’s still relatively new to us, so we still have to get accustomed to it a bit more, but it has already proven to be a decent subtitling tool.”

By creating customised hot key selections and keyboard shortcuts, PBT EU provided users at Videohouse with direct access to and from individual workstations thus allowing Subtitle artists to switch between source devices, whenever they need to.

Barber expands, “Once the software was set-up to suit our needs  with keyboard shortcuts, subtitle parameters and so forth, it was then really easy to work with. Some of the shortcuts are very useful such as Go to Current Cue In, Go to Current Cue Out, Take In Linked and Take In out.”

The PBT EU team are also very conscious of how crucial security is to the Videohouse team. Barber:  “Since we often work with confidential content, another aspect that is very important to us is that supporting video files are not stored locally. This means that we do not have to erase any folders before we take the computer home to work.”




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