DVB World 2019

Dublin's Croke Park Hotel venue for 2019 edition

DAB World 2019 will take place from March 11th to 13th. The industry conference addresses hot topics like 5G, OTT, DVB-I and HbbTV.

Source: DVB World

DVB World is an annual conference focused on DVB standards, services and technology. It presents timely sessions on emerging issues, teasing out the choices that lie before the industry. 

The 2019 edition of the conference will be hosted in Dublin's Croke Park Hotel  and take place from March 11th to 13th. As in the previous years, it addresses current topics such as  5G, OTT, DVB-I and HbbTV.

With around 200 delegates from around the world representing broadcasters, service providers, manufacturers, policymakers and researchers, it is an opportunity to access authoritative analysis and informed discussion. 





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