NHK equips new 4k OB truck

EVS’ XT-VIA servers for live UHD production

The provider of live production solutions EVS announced that its XT-VIA live production servers have been purchased by NHK Media Technology (MT) and NHK Global Media Services (GMS), subsidiaries of NHK. Three of the latest servers from EVS have been integrated into a new 4K-OB1 mobile production truck as it’s rolled out for live UHD productions.

The servers have been integrated alongside three new XFile3 archive and transfer engines as the truck is deployed to produce multiple sports and entertainment programming in UHD-4K resolution. They have been purchased through, and will be delivered by, EVS’ local sales partner and media technology providers, Photron.

Photron delivered MT’s new servers already, so they are integrated for the truck’s initial deployment.

The XT-VIA provides six easily-configurable channels of UHD I/O and 12-plus of Full HD, 1080p. The XT-VIA is suitable for users that want to adopt new ways of operating for higher resolutions. This is possible by supporting live HDR operations and the ability to work in 12G SDI or IP environments.




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