BP Energizes Its Media Production with EditShare

Cost-effective to reduce the sources of error

The energy brand BP has invested in the XStream EFS scale-out storage platform and Flow media asset management. They want to manage the commissioning, producing and publishing of BP-related media projects and move to in-house streamlined production processes and reduced budgets.

EditShare is provider for intelligent scale-out storage, AQC and media management solutions. They offer a foundation for maintaining rich historical film archive and supporting busy production schedule. 

The EditShare XStream EFS, Flow and AirFlow provide BP an advanced, fault tolerant shared storage infrastructure with comprehensive media asset management tools that connect BP systems and support remote productions. Serving as the control layer for media, Flow tracks all assets from capture to playback with tools to search, retrieve and assemble content as well as automate processes including migration to and from the BP content archive. The XStream EFS 300 stores all BP content up to 8K resolution including rushes, work in progress and finished productions for distribution. With metadata tracked, assets can be easily searched and retrieved via Flow or AirFlow for production internally or externally.

The installation, which was supported by EditShare reseller gaselec.tv, alleviated multiple pain points for BP. 





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