Gravity Media Group Invests In EVS Technology

Upgrade to Multicam 16.00

Gravity Media Group is set to upgrade its entire EVS XT servers to run the latest Multicam 16.00 operating system. This includes the update of multiple units to XT-VIA live production servers. The owner of Gearhouse Broadcast, Hyperactive Broadcast and Input Media, will also deploy the latest versions of the IPDirector and XTAccess live tools. By upgrading its EVS XT hardware and software to be compliant with Multicam 16.00, Gravity Media Group can deliver expanded capabilities.

Source: EVS

Whether producing 1.5G, 3G or UHD-4K live programming: the deal provides Gravity Media’s with several significant improvements to workflows, letting them better meet the demands of today’s production environments.  Multicam 16.00 will boost the capacity of Gravity Media’s servers and allow them to run on the same XNet-VIA network for the quick and easy sharing of content.

EVS’ XT-VIA server offers enhanced channel density with up to six channels of UHD-4K and 12 channels in 1080p HDR. The upgrade of its IPDirector and XTAccess live tools also means that throughout production, Gravity Media’s production teams will have the best overview of content, allowing faster and more effective production asset management workflows. 




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