HbbTV Operator App deployed in market

Branded user interface on smart TVs

The global initiative, HbbTV Association presents the first commercial deployment of the HbbTV Operator App (HbbTV OpApp) by Panasonic.

Quelle: HbbTV

The specification enables end users to access the full TV service bouquet (live and on-demand TV) of German TV platform HD+ on any 2019 Panasonic OLED UHD smart TV sold in Germany, without the need for any additional hardware or smartcard. Consumers will navigate through the HD+ TV channels and interactive services through an HD+ branded user interface.

The HbbTV OpApp acts like a virtual set-top box inside the smart TV set, enabling platform operators to provide a branded, uniform user interface across different manufacturers. When switching the TV set on, it appears in the operator's 'look and feel', ensuring a compelling user experience with the full range of services.







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