Cloud-optimized Cinegy Air PRO 8K

with infrastructure-as-code software Terraform

Cinegy, optimized its Air PRO 8K playout to be easily scalable both locally and in the cloud. It`s enabling from automatic infrastructure creation to complete and orderly destruction to be achieved through easily manageable code.

The advanced GPU pipeline technology enables 8K operations – or alternatively 4 UHD or 16 HD channels – to be run on mid-size servers or AWS or Azure GPU-equipped cloud instances that would be impossible to achieve solely with CPU technology. With Cinegy Air PRO 8K, GPU use is not limited to character generation and branding. It is also used for decoding, scaling, color space conversion, mixing, effects, and finally encoding when the result is output as stream.

As one of the proponents of complete IP- and software-based playout solutions, the company wants to move an entire broadcast facility into the cloud.




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