Clear-Com shows IP-based communication at NAB 2019

IP solutions for all intercom requirements

Clear-Com presents a broad range of IP-based products of professional intercom communication tools, including matrix, wireless and mobile IP solutions for all kinds of production workflows, including remote production, at NAB 2019.

Source: Clear-Com

The new V-Series Iris intercom Panel provides Eclipse HX users with a low latency AES67 Audio-over-IP (AoIP) connection. The V-Series Iris Panel can monitor and send communications over three concurrent full-duplex uncompressed audio IP streams, enabling systems to deliver high quality, uncompressed AES67 audio from user to user with significantly reduced latency. When connected to Clear-Com’s high-density E-IPA audio-and-intercom-over-IP card, which is natively AES67 compliant, users can deploy up to 64 Iris panels per card. V-Series Iris panels also feature full color user-configurable OLED displays to help users organize and quickly locate keys with similar functions. The V-Series Iris panel is optimized for use with Eclipse HX (EHX) version 11 software to fully implement its AES67 connectivity; it also has compressed IV.Core IP and analog 4-wire connections for backward compatibility with Eclipse frames running EHX 10.0 or earlier.

The FreeSpeak II IPT Transceiver features AES67 compatibility, low latency signal distribution, high radio performance and high audio bandwidth, enabling FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks to be deployed across a user’s LAN. The IP Transceiver connects to an AES67-compatible IP router and to Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX system via the E-IPA card.

For outside broadcasts or productions with crews split across large areas, Clear-Com’s Agent-IC mobile app can be downloaded onto Apple or Android mobile devices, connecting securely and confidently to core intercom users across multiple IP networks over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

The LQ Series IP interfaces enable users to take Audio-over-IP wherever they go and allowing them to extend their intercom footprint by connecting virtually any type and brand of intercom or audio device via Audio-over-IP, SIP, GPIO, 2-wire, 4-wire and with Agent-IC iOS or Android mobile intercom apps.

Remote production is made even simpler with the COMduit Transport and Intercom Solution for Remote Production. BroaMan, ProGrid and LQ Series devices are configured to transport
all your signals together over a fiber cable from the OB truck to the announcer booth or sideline.




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