Archiware recommend update to version 5.6.4

Proofed cloud backup and archive functionality

Archiware P5 is the only solution that allows data backup and archive from a QNAP NAS to a directly attached LTO Tape device. In version 5.6.4, the existence of the transferred file on the cloud storage is double checked, after receiving the receipt from the cloud provider and before acknowledging it as successfully transferred.

Source: Archiware

This functionality adds overhead to the communication but offers an additional plausibility check. Otherwise there is no possibility to confirm that the data has been saved at the provider's and that it can be addressed. A further possible measure for additional security would be to add a time delayed check.

In rare circumstances, data acknowledged by the cloud provider to have been successfully check-summed and transferred to the cloud does nevertheless not appear on the cloud storage, and chunks of the P5 disk volume that are marked and logged as successfully transferred are found to be missing from the cloud storage.

Unfortunately, it could not be determined under which circumstance and where an error between the cloud provider, the network and P5 occurs.

Archiware provide later tools and/or recipe to check the cloud storage for the existence of this problem and to estimate the amount of missing data. They are currently working hard on finishing version 6 of the P5 software suite. This will be a major technology update and have given the interface an overhaul to make it look sleeker and more modern to go with the new technology.




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