French TV channel uses Calrec’s Brio and Summa

Better performance for L’Equipe Sport programm

Parisian TV sports channel L’Equipe uses the benefits of a new 36+8 Summa and Brio36 from Calrec. They are being used for live mixing, commentary, and sports programming that includes cycling, judo and the Pétanque Championships.

Source: Calrec

Both control rooms, commentary booths and intercom system and consoles are connected via a Dante network. The two consoles are additionally connected via a Calrec Hydra 2 network with a modular rack. The Summa has two Dante cards with one for the Brio, with Hydra 2 allowing shared console resources with up to 512 channels per link.

L’Equipe sports TV channel is part of the French sports news media company, L’Equipe 24/24. The integration was handled by systems integrator Euromedia, a broadcast services and facilities provider in France, with assistance from Calrec’s French distributor, Audiopole, who also provided training.




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