4K order for DTC Broadcast in Asia

China Central Television (CCTV) uses Aeon products

In association with Ideal Systems, Asia’s media and technology services company, DTC Broadcast sales 16 complete Aeon-TX 4K transmitters, Prorxd-Aeon receivers, antennas and ancillaries to Chinese broadcaster CCTV. It`s DTC’s first major customer in the country and shows the continued focus on strong partnerships in the broadcast sector.

DTC Broadcast’s Aeon group of products are specifically designed for the 4K market. The Aeon 4K encoder makes more efficient use of the HEVC algorithm, which in this case means it can take a 12G signal and compress it to a bitrate that can be managed over an RF link.

The 16 Aeon-TX’s are going to be utilised especially for events. Multiple versions from the AEON transmitter family have become the choice for such events due to their exceptional range, reliability, and robust build quality.

Picture quality is determined by the number of bits that can be transmitted over RF and still maintain the link. Transmitting fewer bits provides a more reliable link but results in unacceptable picture quality. AEON-TX, dual pedestal approach gets around this problem by enabling 32 megabits of data to be sent over a 16-QAM channel. It`s necessary for any live broadcast, as well as reliably transmit 4K – or, if preferred, four channels of HD in any format – over a single link. Moreover, Aeon’s dual-pedestal modulation technique is proven to work over long distances.





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