Dejero Supports First Human Hologram at Rock Concert

5G live experience for Vodafone Romania

Dejero assisted Musion 3D in transmitting a life-sized, interactive human hologram for a live performance across Vodafone’s 5G network. The provided EnGo mobile transmitters and receivers delivered video links from a studio in Bucharest. A Hologram of a 10-year-old guitarist was beamed live from there, to a stage over a Huawei router and Vodafone 5G link.

Dejero is an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide Emmy video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations. Musion 3D is a leader in ultra-realistic, life-sized, interactive 3D holographic video shows and effects.

First in entertainment, young guitarist Luca Mihail joined rock band Vita de Vie on stage as a hologram in a spectacular showcase of Vodafone Romania's 5G technology and Musion 3D's EyeLiner display. The event gathered thousands of fans, was live streamed on Facebook and became Vodafone’s 2019 flagship television commercial in Romania.

This event was just the second time that hologram technology was used for a national TV commercial. Also, the subsequent commercial was filmed using a 5G live link from a remote location, made possible by Vodafone Romania with support from Dejero, Musion 3D, Hawthorn and Huawei.

Musion 3D relied on Dejero's EnGo mobile transmitter for live remote contribution, as well as Dejero receivers to provide low-latency, high-quality, HD video and audio links in both directions. As part of the project delivery, the Dejero transmitter and receiver were both centrally managed through Dejero Control from a web browser. The hologram data was streamed over a Huawei router and Vodafone 5G link.

Musion provided turnkey production services for this event, including their patented flame-retardant foil, patented filming techniques, lighting and stage design together with renowned AV partner Hawthorn. Vodafone’s 5G network provided part of the link between the filming location and the on-stage concert, a world first.

The Video is available here: “The Future Is Present In 5G - The Premiere In The World - Making Of”




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