EVS transforms live users' experience at IBC2019

Autonomous camera system, new X-One and more

EVS will show the latest technologies, including machine learning and native support for IP at IBC2019. The company presents its future lean production solutions offering live production standards accessible at lower operational costs. Full IP interoperability and integration with third-party tools are also inherent in all new EVS solutions and updates.

Introducing a new autonomous camera system
At the IBC, attendees will see the launch of a new automated multi- camera positioning and framing system that analyzes the images of robotic camera feeds in real time and guides these cameras toward the live action with the appropriate zoom. Designed and tested to precisely mimic the movements of human camera operators, the solution uses machine learning enabled by VIA Mind, EVS’ AI-driven functionalities. It also assistance component that assists operators to focus more creatively through the automation of certain tasks.

The solution integrates seamlessly with the EVS X-One unified production system for ‘lean production.’ X-One ingests up to six camera feeds, no matter the source, enabling low-cost, broadcast-standard live productions of events.

The latest version of EVS’ unified production system X-One offers new storytelling features that enable a single operator to produce highlights and dynamic live productions. With X-One’s intuitive user interface, a single operator can do live switching, create replays, control audio, create and insert graphics and play back content.

Featuring a new, small form-factor hardware, X-One provides multi- angle clip creation and editing, automated highlights, new replay speed settings, and picture-in- picture effects capability.

New centralized and flexible ingest solution
Leveraging EVS’ new XS-NEO software-defined server and IPD-VIA Ingest app, it provides fast, simple ingest with dynamic, concurrent support of multiple formats, codecs and framerates. The software-based server is hosted on EVS’ PMR processing module and embraces all of the benefits of IP connectivity, while supporting SDI-based productions and delivering EVS’ unique loop recording technology to users.

Through an HTML 5 web interface, the solution controls and schedules live feeds ingested directly into the XS-NEO server, shortening production cycles. The solution natively writes onto third-party storage as well as to the Avid Interplay production management workflow solution. Thereby content can be edited in post production, during recording and as a multi-camera sequence with easy-to-find metadata.

Dyvi supports high resolutions and accelerates creative freedom
EVS will additional unveil the latest iteration of its Dyvi software-defined switcher for creative production. Dyvi now features a PMY processing module that supports both SDI and IP for hybrid SDI/IP connectivity and operation in multiple formats, including UHD-4K and 1080p.

A demo area will show how the ESL gaming network uses Dyvi inside sports venues and for its live programming. IBC also will be hosting an esports showcase in partnership with ESL, EVS and Lagardère.

New XT-VIA and XS-VIA servers bring viewers to the heart of live action
Demonstrations will highlight how the XT-VIA and XS-VIA live production servers offer more capacity and greater flexibility to produce content in multiple formats including Full HD 1080p, UHD-4K and HDR, as well as enabling the upscaling of 1080p content to UHD-4K for playout. And with the new Multicam 16.2 software engine, which the servers run on, users now also benefit from an onboard SDR/HDR multiviewer that provides them with greater clarity and control.

The XT-VIA and XS-VIA servers have passed the JT-NM SMPTE ST 2110 tests. The EVS servers have also seen their capabilities extended with the introduction of XNet-VIA, EVS’ high-speed ethernet-based media sharing network. This new network facilitates ultra-fast and bidirectional sharing of high-resolution and super motion content between both XT-VIA and XS- VIA servers.

Dyvi joins IBC TV's EVS-led IP workflow
Once again, EVS will implement an all-IP live production infrastructure that includes XT-VIA live production servers, EVS XStore scalable central storage system, and EVS IPDirector live.



Wie eine moderne Workflow-Lösung helfen kann,
Herausforderungen bei der Content-Produktion zu bewältigen


Die Nachfrage nach ansprechendem, hochauflösendem Content und der weltweite Videokonsum sind im letzten Jahr um mehr als 60 % gestiegen. Durch das Streaming hochwertiger Filme, Serien, Animationen und Sportereignisse sind Videos zur neuen Normalität geworden und haben sich als effektivstes Medium für die Bereitstellung von Unterhaltungs- und Schulungsinhalten und zur Interaktion mit Zielgruppen etabliert.

Angesichts des großen Bedarfs und Wettbewerbs wird es höchste Zeit, sich Gedanken über den Aufbau eines flexiblen und verlässlichen Produktions-Workflows zu machen, in dem Rohdaten und fertige Inhalte auch in den Archiven jederzeit verfügbar sind und eine optimierte Zusammenarbeit der Kreativteams die Produktionszeiten beschleunigt.





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