The Look equips postproduction pipeline with Grass Valley Rio 8K

Studio investment gears towards 4K and HDR

The post production facility The Look has upgraded its six Grass Valley Rio high performance online editing and post production systems. It supports multiple, simultaneous streams of 4K and 8K playback.

As consumer investment in 4K and HDR-enabled television sets continue to rise, there is pressure on broadcasters and content providers to invest in and produce programming in higher resolution formats.

With the push from studios to deliver more high-end, big-budget television series in 4K and HDR, the newly upgraded Rio suites allow The Look to significantly speed up its pipelines. By future-proofing its facility with nearly the entire pipeline, The Look can now meet even tight deadlines.

With a Dolby CMU box, timeline trim passes can easily be made for multiple display devices with all information stored in a single XML, which accompanies the master files. All parameters can be controlled from Grass Valley’s Neo panel with frame and shot analysis choices that also facilitate faster workflows on projects with long timelines. The Rio toolset also enables The Look’s colorists to finish projects with an intuitive feel. Rio Connect eliminates the need to move huge files between systems.




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