Telestream introduces OptiQ Monitor at IBC2019

Delivery of fully monetized, high quality channels

At IBC2019, Telestream will present its second OptiQ live service. OptiQ Monitor creates efficiencies in capital and operational expenditure whilst assuring optimum levels of Quality of Service. The new video monitoring and analytics provides pervasive monitoring across all geographies.

OptiQ Monitor is for customers that have already put in place the infrastructure required to support their live streaming channels but have no monitoring infrastructure, especially post-CDN. It integrates video monitoring without needing to modify anything in their existing delivery chain. As a framework of live services is a merging of the entire Telestream skill set around live streaming, workflow, cloud, integrated monitoring, containers and much more.

The application OptiQ Channel was showcased at NAB with its fast deployment, fully integrated monitoring and self-healing capabilities. Underlying this channel creation system, is an OptiQ framework that enables the creation of multiple different live services.
A key feature of the OptiQ framework is the ability to deploy Telestream technology in any public cloud data center. Now, Telestream has the ability with OptiQ Monitor to select any cloud data center, or as many as is required, and to specify the types of monitoring probes that customers want to push into those data centers. Then, the system architect hits ‘go’ and the entire monitoring network is automatically built up to perform robust QoS and QoE monitoring of a customer’s live streaming channels, even if they are not using OptiQ Channel to create those channels.

OptiQ Monitor allows users to observe how their CDNs are performing across multiple geographies. Also, they can monitor the performance of video encoders across their entire distribution network. If this performance is sub-optimal Telestream possesses a fast and cost-efficient solution. OptiQ Channel will deliver robust and efficient live streaming channels as a service in a completely cloud-deployed way.




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