IBC2019: EDCF Global Update Summary session on 15 September

Digital cinema in focus

Focusing largely on the impact of digital cinema on the workflow and structures of the market, the European Digital Cinema Forum Global Update session will take place on 15 September at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam (2pm – 5.45pm, Room Emerald).

Quelle: IBC

The event will focus on the latest business and technology developments in cinema around the world from manufacture through mastering, distribution and exhibition, the IBC organiser announced. Starting with a review of the state of the world-wide industry, leading practitioners from Europe and the USA share their experiences looking at a range of topical issues.
Among the many areas of discussion and explanation will be a global state of digital technology in cinema, the EDCF/UNIC Best Practice Guides, ACES and digital archiving, SMPTE-DCP progress, driving forces behind the migration to Laser projection, open source and digital cinema, audio in cinema, accessibility solutions in cinema and more. A networking drinks reception will follow at the end of the session.





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