RMS+: New generation of digital fingerprinting technologies

IRT colloquium on 23 September

Entitled „Next Generation Multimedia Fingerprints: Better Recognition and Lower Computational Cost through Artificial Intelligence“ a colloquium will take place at the Munich-based Institut für Rundfunktechnik on 23 September, 2019.

For over 20 years Dr. Kunio Kashino, a Senior Distinguished Researcher at NTT’s Communication Science Laboratories, and his colleagues in Japan have been developing successive generations of digital fingerprinting technologies. Now they have developed RMS+, a new generation of robust media search technologies based on their own AI algorithms.
Unlike traditional digital fingerprints or existing AI technologies, RMS+ combines two different types of media content descriptors – media-dependent and media-independent representations. This novel architecture will allow owners of large media libraries to greatly reduce computationally expensive AI re-analysis of audio/video archives.
RMS+ also enables unsupervised learning of search targets or objects to further reduce labor-intensive human metadata tagging.





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