Quantum F-Series uses NVMe flash drives

Up to five times faster than traditional systems

The Quantum F-Series, an ultra-fast, highly available NVMe storage array for editing, rendering, and processing video content and other large unstructured datasets is making its European debut.

Source: Quantum

Designed for performance, availability and reliability, F-Series uses NVMe flash drives for ultra-fast reads and writes – up to five times faster than traditional flash-storage/networking systems – to deliver real-time editing and rendering of 4K and 8K quicker than all other previous competitive solutions. By using cutting edge RDMA networking technology, the F-Series delivers consistent low-latency performance over IP networks, eliminating the need for expensive, complex fiber channel SANs.

The solution is designed for studios, post-houses, or broadcasters working with high-res content at high frame rates and looking to move from fiber channel to IP-based infrastructures.




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