Vinten with new robotics solutions for broadcast studios

Sophisticated software and mechanical engineering

Three robotics solutions from Vinten are making their EMEA debut. The FH-155 is a robotic/manual pan-and-tilt head designed to support heavy payloads in modern broadcast studio settings. With a maximum payload capacity of 70 kilograms/155 pounds, the FH-155 combines sophisticated software and mechanical engineering to enable accurate, smooth, and quiet movements.

Source: Vitec Group

In addition, the FH-155 has an option for a fully integrated StarTracker module, offering an absolute-reference tracking system for floor-roaming pedestal combinations. Also on display will be the VR/ AR solution for the manufacturer’s curved floor and ceiling tracks. A collaboration between Vinten, dolly manufacturer Tecnopoint, and Vizrt, the VR/AR option brings virtual set graphics together with the camera movements and angles of Vinten‘s curved floor and ceiling tracks.

As the first curved track solution for the Vizrt graphics engine, the new VR/ AR solution takes tracking data from the dolly, then uses an algorithm to calculate the position of the camera on the curved tracks and communicate it back to Vizrt. The sequencing control option for Vinten‘s robotic pedestals and pan-and-tilt heads enables curved movements for creating brand-building signature shots. Delivered through the latest version of Vinten‘s HD-VRC control software, this new functionality enables operators to take the camera through a nonlinear visual flow according to a series of user-defined waypoints. .




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