BFE: workflow tools for the IP world

New KSC CORE system version

BFE introduces the latest version of the company’s KSC CORE system. BFE’s solution, created to answer some of the fundamental questions when designing workflows in a full IP environment, is mainly based on the already existing KSC CircuitManager tool.

New “circuit devices” will enable the grouping and tagging of signals. In an environment with more than one control system, these grouping devices can be synchronised over the SDN to other control systems. It will be possible to plan ahead with them; the signals contained will be marked as available or not. These grouping devices are device and signal at once.

In addition, the user can switch the whole content of one grouping device to another. This requires a second new functionality, the automated stream matching (ASM), where the correct pairs of video and audio streams are determined by a complex logic based on tags and metadata. Finally, a quite radical shift from physical to touchscreen panels will accompany the upcoming changes in the KSC control system. These touchscreen panels allow controlling the system via the KSC GFXUnit.




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