mth Mediatech Hub Conference to focus on next generation production

How innovation is transforming content creation

The 2019 mth Mediatech Hub Conference will set to spotlight on how innovation is transforming content creation. Which innovative tools, services, workflows and resources enable innovation? How do new content creators approach the creative process?

In what way do they work differently from traditional television production companies and what can their TV counterparts learn from them? At #mthcon participants will receive an exclusive presentation from the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) on their groundbreaking research into the future of production and find answers to all the questions above. This research has never been presented anywhere else in Europe before, according to the mth organisers.

From a small digital agency to a major Hollywood studio, the DPP (UK) takes a deep dive into a wide range of creative companies of different sizes and with different specialisms to define innovation and best practice in next generation production. Mark Harrison, Managing Director of the DPP, and Nic Kemp, Workflow Consultant & DPP Associate will deliver the insights.

The DPP is the media industry’s international business network, providing insights, technology change leadership and market opportunities. It brings together over 400 companies spanning the whole content supply chain from providers to technology companies, from global giants to exciting new startups to solve problems and create opportunities. The new DPP survey covers cloud workflows, cloud and on-premise storage, media management and metadata, archive, reuse and stock footage, creative tools, remote editing, shaping, view and approve, collaborative team working, acquisition tools and workflows, connectivity, security, planning, administration and resource allocation, scripting and monetisation to name but a few areas.

The 2019 mth Mediatech Hub Conference will take place on 19-20 November in Potsdam.






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