Video editing & screen recording: Telestream unveils ScreenFlow 9

New features include multiscreen recording, new editing tools, clip editor, and more

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools, media streaming and delivery technologies, announced the immediate availability of ScreenFlow 9, the latest version of the video editing and screen recording software for the Mac.

Built for marketers, educators, online-trainers, Vloggers and anyone needing an affordable, easy to use screen recording and video editing application, ScreenFlow creates high-quality, professional videos with ease. Version 9 raises the bar again with new streamlined editing tools, multiscreen recording capability, a new clip editor, high-resolution proxy editing workflow, and more.

New features in version 9 include:   

  • Multiscreen Recording 
    When one screen isn’t enough, this option gives users more space to layout multiple applications which can help viewers follow processes and examples even better.
  • Timeline Tools Palette 
    New editing tools such as Hand, Zoom, Blade and Track Select are now in ScreenFlow. Users can switch cursor functions using hotkeys to make it easier to navigate the timeline, make quick track splits, and select entire layers in the timeline.
  • Proxy Editing 
    Proxy resolution editing can reduce demands on the CPU when editing high-resolution images. This allows users to edit more demanding content on less powerful systems without slowing down. When the project is ready to be published, the high-resolution images are used for maximum quality.
  • Clip Editor 
    Media clips can now be previewed and trimmed to size before dropping them into the timeline. This streamlines the editing process by reducing adjustments to timeline sizing and viewing parameters.
  • New Click Effects 
    With updated radar click effects, users can further customize their cursor looks adjusting the size, color, duration and blur during screen recording so viewers can more easily follow along.     

ScreenFlow Version 9 also includes performance updates for the latest Mac OS, updated capture card support, thumbnail image improvements and manual media management features making it the most powerful ScreenFlow version yet.






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