IRT event "Delivering Media with 5G Technology" on 25 November

"FeMBMS, 5G-Xcast and beyond"

Entitled "Delivering Media with 5G Technology: FeMBMS, 5G-Xcast and beyond", a colloquium will be held at the Munich-based IRT on 25 November, 2019. 5G is emerging as a key technology for applications in multiple vertical industries, including Media.

Distribution via 5G is gathering attention as a result of recent standardization activities in 3GPP, research projects and trials with direct involvement of public service broadcasters. The opportunities for media distribution in 5G constitute right now a puzzle with many different pieces which the IRT will try to sort during this lecture.

Among these, speaker Dr. Jordi Gimenez will dive into the 5G-Xcast Project, which has defined a conceptually novel system architecture including unicast, multicast and broadcast functionalities into the latest 5G standards with the aim to support traditional Terrestrial Broadcast distribution as well as OTT live video streaming accommodating requirements from operators, broadcasters and users.






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