TV CULTURA’s first live 4K-UHD broadcast supported by ATEME

Brazilian live broadcast of the grand finale of Prelúdio 2019

ATEME, a provider of video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT announced that TV CULTURA, the Brazilian public broadcaster implemented ATEME TITAN to realize 4K-UHD benefits for the first time during the live broadcast of the grand finale of Prelúdio 2019.

High-quality video content from the Prelúdio grand finale, a reality show dedicated to discovering talented classical musicians, was broadcast live on 11/24 in 4K-UHD from “Casa Sao Paulo Concert Hall” using ATEME’s TITAN UHD solution. The live event was transmitted via satellite to a dedicated 4K channel of the major local cable TV operator as well as to TV CULTURA’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to ATEME’s expertise in software video compression solutions, TV CULTURA transmitted the event with the following benefits: Premium video quality: TITAN maximizes workflow efficiencies and ensures exceptional video quality at low bitrates; Full flexibility: As TITAN natively supports all CODECs and resolutions, it can be easily used for a broad range of use cases with state-of-the-art video technologies like HEVC/ AV1, 4K and all varieties of HDR; Future-proof: TITAN can be easily upgraded to support HEVC and 4K-UHD, providing customers deploying H.264 services with an upgrade path to HEVC and monetization of their hardware investment.






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