ISE 2020: tvONE adds new Dynamic mode to CORIOview

Solution for meeting room and control room applications

tvONE, a designer and manufacturer of video and multimedia processing equipment, will bring a new Dynamic mode to tvONE’s 4K multi-window processor, CORIOview, at ISE 2020 (1-M110).

Source: tvONE

CORIOview, the 4K multi-window processor with up to eight sources can now be used in two modes. Users can choose from a classic multi-viewer look and feel or the highly optimized Dynamic mode when collaboration and ease of use really matter in your huddle rooms, meeting spaces, and control rooms.

Connecting a source to CORIOview will automatically add you to a shared visual multi-window display, and a simple push of a button will take you full screen to present with maximum impact. For ease of navigation, on-screen labels provide you with source information and audio status.

Working in the traditional Classic mode, CORIOview out-performs other solutions. Features include eye-catching transitions, up to eight inputs in just a half-width 1RU modular chassis, advanced source labelling, color borders, and audio. You can also choose to output to a portrait or landscape display.

CORIOview is a 4K multi-window processor that can take inputs from up to eight separate sources for HDMI (4K or HD), DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, HDBaseT (4K or HD), and streaming video depending on the configuration of its modular design, and output them to HDMI (4K or HD), DVI, 3G-SDI or HDBaseT (HD).






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