NAB 2020: Quantum to unveil new F1000 NVMe storage server

New addition to the F-Series family of NVMe storage appliances

At NAB 2020, Quantum will debut the F1000 – the new addition to the F-Series family of NVMe storage appliances (booth #SL8016). The F1000 takes advantage of the F-Series’ software-defined architecture to offer the benefits of F-Series NVMe storage—including accelerated workflows and the ability to move to IP networks—at a lower price.

Source: Quantum

The F1000 is a 1U NVMe storage server optimized for performance, without the high-availability design of the F2000.  Using a single-controller server and optimizing the F-Series software stack to run with less CPU, the F1000 offers the same ultra-fast streaming performance, and extremely fast response times as the F2000, at a lower entry price.  The Quantum F1000 offers performance that is 5x to 10x faster than an equivalent SAS SSD storage array, at a similar price.

The F1000 is available in two capacity points: 39 TB and 77 TB.  It offers the same connectivity options as the F2000:  32 Gb fiber channel, or iSER / RDMA using 100 Gb Ethernet, and is designed to be deployed as part of a StorNext scale out file storage cluster.






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