Calrec launches virtual mixing console Type R for TV

Automated audio console for smaller news operations

Calrec has launched Type R for TV — a virtual mixing console that lets customers take advantage of virtual workflows. Its flexible and integrated native IP core integrates with station automation systems, rewarding customers with the benefits of virtual working practices.

Source: Calrec

Type R for TV fulfills the rising demand for automated audio consoles in smaller news operations, which is becoming more prevalent according to Calrec’s Director of Product Management, Henry Goodman. “More often we’re seeing the console surface not used at all, which is driving the demand for broadcast-level virtual consoles,” he said.

Type R for TV is compatible with popular station automation systems including Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Grass Valley Ignite. Furthermore, it provides fully automated programming with real-time adjustment of unpredictable external factors via a standard web browser.
Type R’s small, adaptable and highly portable hardware elements can be easily added if desired. Powered by standard POE switches, Type R has three different panel options. If broadcasters prefer a physical surface then banks of 6 x faders can be added, or adaptable soft panels like Calrec’s Large Soft Panel (LSP) and Small Soft Panel (SSP) can be used.
Calrec’s Assist web UI makes it easy to access the virtual desk on almost any device, wherever in the world a user is. Assist works over TCP/IP and has minimal control lag, which makes minor adjustments easy and quick to do.

Type R for TV will be on show at NAB 2020 at Central Hall stand C8008.






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