Rohde & Schwarz to introduce new enhanced version of R&S VENICE

Operational flexibility and future-proofing capabilities within UHD and HDR production environments

Rohde & Schwarz will introduce a number of strategic enhancements to its R&S VENICE server system. Offering the broadcast market’s broadest range of applications from content ingest, transforming to editorial and media preparation, the latest version of R&S VENICE offers operational flexibility and future-proofing capabilities within UHD and HDR production environments.

Source: Rohde & Schwartz

The new version of R&S VENICE targets studio workflows, providing added value and versatility due to its extended codec support and direct storage connectivity without additional gateways. Operational flexibility is enhanced in a variety of workflows thanks to a new user interface (UI) design, extended codec & format support and IP/SMPTE 2110 support.

In particular, the new software application, R&S VENICE Command, enhances the system’s capabilities within state-of-the-art studio workflows. It offers support for UHD and HDR formats up to ProRes 4444XQ, and a new user interface that has been developed for grouped multicamera recordings, studio playback and transcoding in a single application.

In addition, R&S VENICE Command enables dual destination recording for increased reliability in case of storage failure, IP/SMPTE2110-NMOS interoperability with different manufacturers‘ products and systems, and increased channel density (8 HD, 2 UHD on a 2RU chassis). HDR formats can be processed with selection of transfer function and elegant metadata handling. Now, R&S VENICE can connect to virtually any storage system without additional gateway hardware. In combination with Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S SpycerNode and R&S SpycerPAM storage systems, collaborative editing workflows are supported with comprehensive growing file capabilities.






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