TV3 uses TVU Anywhere in a virtual talk show

Mobile app enables large scale fan interaction with hosts and each other remotely

TVU Networks, the provider of live IP solutions, announced that Televisió de Catalunya's (TV3) ‘Minut a Minut’ sports television program successfully relied on TVU's mobile transmitter app TVU Anywhere to simultaneously host more than 25 football fans globally in a virtual talk show during a two hour live broadcast on their channel Esport3. The program's panelists were able to engage in live video exchanges with fans in full HD picture quality and with minimal delay.

Source: TVU Networks

“The TVU Anywhere transmissions ran flawlessly throughout the broadcast, which was especially important when switching between the numerous live fans,” reported Daniel Barcon, Director of ESport3 at TV3. “We had full control to activate, deactivate and set the time period of validity for the multiple accounts, which was very reassuring. The ease of the technical setup, as well as the functionality of the TVU Anywhere app for participants allowed people from a variety of different backgrounds to connect with each other over their passion for football.”
This connection was made possible with TVU Anywhere’s intuitive token-based user management, fans were simply provided with a QR code to pair their mobile device to a remote TVU Server. TVU Anywhere is a smartphone app that aggregates cellular data, with H.265 encoding and patented IS+ transmission algorithm. It allows anyone to transmit high-quality live video footage to broadcasters and TV studios, securing high and reliable bandwidth by aggregating both cellular and home internet connection. A video on Youtube can be found here.






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