MediaKind unveils next-generation broadcast solution Aquila Broadcast

Seamless, step-by-step transition from appliance-based platforms to all-IP media delivery

MediaKind has launched its next-generation broadcast solution, Aquila Broadcast, to enable broadcasters and operators to make a seamless, step-by-step transition from appliance-based platforms to all-IP media delivery.

Source: MediaKind

Powered by software-based video compression, control and stream processing, Aquila Broadcast enables industry leading picture quality with resolutions up to UHD with HDR support, while also offering wide codec support and significant bandwidth savings.

As demand for live content increases, satellite and terrestrial broadcasters, as well as some cable and IPTV operators, are faced with the challenge of growing costs – and reduced availability – of satellite capacity. MediaKind has developed Aquila Broadcast to ensure compatibility across all-IP technologies and standards, increased transponder density whilst retaining video quality and deployable as an appliance or as pure software, with the ability to support on-premise and cloud-based implementations.

Deployable as an appliance or software-only, either on-premises or in the cloud, Aquila Broadcast supports of the following video codecs; MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC. To enable industry leading picture quality and bandwidth savings with an extensive appliance, software and cloud support system, Aquila Broadcast combines a number of leading MediaKind consumer delivery products, including Encoding Live, Stream Processor and nCompass control.
Aquila Broadcast heralds the next generation broadcast solution deployed within the cloud and enabling consumers to enjoy the experience of live and on demand video services by efficiently delivering pin sharp video and media.






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