Mediaproxy's LogServer solution enables remote operation and monitoring

Compliance analysis and logging systems can be accessed remotely

Mediaproxy, a provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, is helping its customers ensure their output of the highest technical quality at a time when many operational staff are having to work from home. The company's compliance analysis and logging systems can be accessed remotely using laptop computers to allow all confidence monitoring to be carried out.

Source: Mediaproxy

The coronavirus crisis has made broadcasters dramatically reassess not only how programs are produced, but also how distribution operations are managed. The move to both IT and IP-based broadcast infrastructures had already made it possible for technicians to access systems from wherever they are. This option is now widely available, meaning broadcast centers can still run efficiently, while, at the same, time allowing self-isolation and social distancing guidelines to be observed.
Mediaproxy has added capabilities to its LogServer engine for engineers to analyze and monitor linear TV and OTT streams either at home or in the field. This includes the ability to work on MacOS systems, enabling editorial and news personnel to work from home on their MacBooks. Live streams can also be viewed on a low bandwidth browser, giving live access to Mediaproxy's hybrid multiviewer for full confidence monitoring.
Mediaproxy is an engineering-led company, which means it can react quickly to the changing needs of its users. The world largest broadcasters and playout providers are long-term customers and continue to use Mediaproxy's products to meet fresh operational challenges.






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