Portuguese broadcaster RTP chooses Grass Valley camera systems

Upgrade provides HD and high dynamic range (HDR) support

Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) has standardized on Grass Valley cameras, deploying 49 LDX 82 Elite camera systems, with XDR licenses, across its studios and Outside Broadcast (OB) fleet.

Source: Grass Valley

The upgrade to its camera chains provides HD and high dynamic range (HDR) support across RTP’s live events and studio productions and ensures future-proof acquisition capability, thanks to Grass Valley’s robust upgrade path.  The sale was managed by Grass Valley’s Portuguese channel partner Ibertelco.

With the new cameras in place, the RTP production team can seamlessly switch between resolutions (1080i, 720p and 1080PsF), while the PowerCurves feature handles shoots in even the most challenging conditions. Any lighting issues are easily addressed using LDX 82 Elite’s built-in Color Protect function.

The standardization of camera system is part of RTP’s strategy to reduce the number of technologies under maintenance and assure their readiness for future challenges in the industry. During the rigorous and very competitive tender process, Grass Valley came out ahead of the competition in terms of price and performance.







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