4K UHD signal conversion: Ross unveils new "Gator Toolbox" version

Updates for Raptor and Newt IP gateway and conversion solutions

Ross announces the latest version of Gator Toolbox – a 4K UHD signal conversion solution. Launched at NAB Show 2019, Gator Toolbox offers all-in-one UHD up/down/cross, HDR conversion, standards conversion and frame synchronization for UHD workflows over 12G-SDI, all in a modular openGear form factor.

Source: Ross

Gator Toolbox addresses signal conversion needs in broadcast, production and live event workflows where low latency and quality UHD, HDR and CG are required. New for 2020, V2 is a free software update which sees the addition of SQD (quad-link gearbox in or out) and user presets to enable operators to quickly recall common configurations – useful in situations where customers have very dynamic workflows. V2 also supports new hardware which includes discrete AES audio embedding/de-embedding and support for fiber, mirroring the increase in popularity of fiber-based systems. V2 of Gator Toolbox is scheduled to be released in June 2020.  
The Ross Signal Processing team also announces free software updates to both the Raptor and Newt IP gateway and conversion solutions. Version 3.1 of Raptor brings improved resilience to network and PTP failures, and new diagnostic features to help customers track and debug network issues quickly and easily. This new version also includes support for AMWA NMOS IS-04/IS-05. Version 3 of Newt will enable customers to monitor four 2110 video streams on one display in a quad-split format. Both new versions are available now.       






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