Majority of broadcasters optimistic about 5G

Survey: 92 per cent of broadcasters expect to adopt 5G within two years

A global poll of broadcasters conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Nevion, the architects of virtualized media production, has found that over a third (39 per cent) of respondents expect their organization will be ready to adopt 5G within a year, while a further 53 per cent believe they will be able to do so within the following year.

Source: Nevion

The survey found that 94 per cent of broadcasters think that their country has the infrastructure ready to adopt 5G. Yet, despite this optimism, only 46 per cent of broadcasters have tested 5G’s capabilities within their organization.

As broadcasters explore 5G’s potential use cases, almost two-thirds (65 per cent) would consider adopting it for remote production, while 61 per cent would consider using it for distribution as a potential replacement for DTT, satellite or cable. Broadcasters would also consider using 5G technologies for OTT services (33 per cent) and contribution (29 per cent).

While broadcasters are mainly considering 5G for remote production, only one-fifth (20 per cent) think 5G’s ability to provide a more portable and flexible primary link for (some) outside broadcast production is its biggest benefit.

Andy Rayner, Chief Technologist, Nevion, will be presenting a webinar on June 10, 2020 on the subject of “Will 5G transform broadcasting?”. More details about this webinar can be found here.




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