Ikegami unveils UHL-F4000 compact multi-role 4K HDR camera

Designed for aerial video capture and studio robotics

Ikegami announces the UHL-F4000 camera, which is a compact and lightweight 4K HDR camera with very low power consumption. Designed for use in applications such as aerial video capture and studio robotics, it is capable of capturing broadcast quality colour video across an extremely wide range of night or daytime conditions. Image adjustment capabilities include haze removal, backlight correction and digital zoom.

Source: Ikegami

Developed from Ikegami's established high-definition HDL-F3000, the UHL-F4000 is being introduced for the growing number of programme producers seeking to future-proof their work by mastering in 4K. It is also exceptionally versatile, able to deliver HD cutout images as well as 2160p 59.94 or 50 Hz 4K. The image sensor unit uses three CMOS global shutter elements so there is no rolling shutter distortion even in aerial imaging applications where subjects are constantly moving in parallel.

Further refinements include variable contrast control which can handle situations of reduced visibility such fog or smoke. An image sharpening function is incorporated and a vertical image reversal mode allows the camera to be mounted upside down. The operator can adjust the camera in real time for optimum noise reduction when shooting at night with high gain.

The UHL-F4000 camera head measures 100 x 128 x 90 mm WHD and weighs only 1.1 kg. Digital zoom from 1.01x to 10.0x magnification, including gradual acceleration, can be combined with a BTA S-1005B-mount optical zoom lens to achieve natural long-range wide-angle to close-up effects. Minimum illumination level in standard operating mode is 0.0015 lux at F12. A focus-assist function places the edge components of the 4K image on the high-definition monitor output feed.







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