Clear-Com's Intercom solution FreeSpeak Edge now shipping

Audio-over-IP AES67 connectivity and 5 GHz chipset

Clear-Com announces that FreeSpeak Edge is now shipping, following extensive field tests and final engineering testing to ensure the most robust and capable product possible.

Source: Clear-Com

The latest addition to the FreeSpeak family of digital wireless intercom solutions, FreeSpeak Edge is the a wireless intercom system, "delivering the best audio quality and enhanced performance in some of the most exacting live performance environments." The system gives users more control and configuration options, thanks to advanced frequency coordination capabilities and intuitive design features in the system’s transceivers and beltpacks.

FreeSpeak Edge is using state-of-the-art audio-over-IP AES67 connectivity, an advanced 5 GHz chipset with a proprietary radio stack development optimized for intercom, and exclusive RF technology from Clear-Com based on OFDM. By investing engineering and development resources in a completely new wireless band, Clear-Com has been able to deliver a future-proof product that protects the investments of partners and customers.

The 5 GHz band is the choice for large scale communications, as it can be managed with frequency coordination for reduced interference and offers the widest range of RF channels available. During a field test at a professional sports stadium, it was found that the RF reflections considerably extended the range of the beltpacks. The band’s higher frequencies mean there is more bandwidth for data which allows for finer control, additional audio channels, lower latency and better audio quality. FreeSpeak Edge can be combined seamlessly with FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz systems, supporting three wireless bands across a single unified communications system.

More information about the 5 GHz band is available here: RF Guide






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