Clear-Com launches lightweight wrap-around dual-ear headset

Headset fits behind the neck, with noise-canceling flexible in-ear solution

Clear-Com has launched the CC-70 Headset, a lightweight wrap-around dual ear headset that can be worn under a helmet, hard-hat or personal protective equipment. This new headset offering is an option for professionals required to wear protective headwear in compliance with increasingly stringent safety regulations, or for people who simply prefer a wrap-around headset configuration.

Source: Clear-Com

The headset structure of the CC-70 runs behind the neck and over the ears, finishing with the mic boom near the mouth, making it compatible with protective headwear. Audio is delivered through comfortable and flexible noise-attenuating, in-ear buds; users can either wear a single in-ear bud to listen to channel communications and still be aware of ambient conversation, or in louder environments, users can wear both in-ear buds to concentrate fully on headset communication.

The CC-70’s extensive dynamic range allows users to hear a full spectrum of audio, without the excessive noise and signal distortion that can lead to aural fatigue. Weighing an incredible 2oz, the headset is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

In addition, since the CC-70 headset wraps around the back of the neck, there is no interference with the user’s hair, which makes it an ideal s­olution for on-screen presenters in noisy environments.

The CC-70 utilizes a 4-pin female connector which can be used with a variety of Clear-Com devices including FreeSpeak II, FreeSpeak Edge, HelixNet beltpacks and V-Series Iris panels and more. The CC-70 headset is currently scheduled to ship worldwide in Q4 2020.






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