EBU kicks off HbbTV and DVB-I interoperability work

New 'HbbTV Interoperability group' launched

The EBU has launched a new 'HbbTV Interoperability group' for Member broadcasters to share best-practices around the use of the 'Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV' standard together with the DVB-I spec for linear TV delivery over the internet.

Source: EBU

The initial scope of the group is to gather the status of HbbTV from different markets and define best-practices for authoring applications, promote interoperability, and ensure a collaborative approach to market development.

The groups' first gathering was attended by 30 broadcasters from across the EBU Membership, including Germany, UK, Australia and Iran. One common goal is the promotion of HbbTV as a vibrant ecosystem benefitting consumers through exciting services.

The EBU has been a strong promoter of HbbTV, and many EBU Members have been leading the deployments in their respective markets. With DVB-I also being implemented in different territories, broadcasters now have an opportunity to share their stories on launch service lists and test the functionality of the technology. DVB-I will form the focus of a dedicated session in the group.







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