NEP introduces new mobile production units in the U.S.

IP-based solutions "Supershooter 9" and "Supershooter 4"

NEP Group has introduced two new mobile IP-based production units for the fall’s return of live sports and entertainment. NEP Supershooter 9 and NEP Supershooter 4 launched with advanced, fully IP-based technology and the latest creature comforts amid health and safety measures required to operate safely in today’s production environment. The mobile units are the fourth and fifth IP production units in NEP’s U.S. lineup, building upon the company’s rollouts of SMPTE ST 2110 EN3, M15 and Supershooter 8 since 2018.

Source: NEP Group

Launched in February of this year, Supershooter 9 is a standalone 1080p HDR/4K-capable double-expando truck built around a Lawo/Arista IP router and the first of NEP’s fleet to feature Lawo’s new vm_dmv infinitely expandable IP multiviewer. It features Lawo’s V_matrix IP routing and processing platform integrated with an Arista IP routing switch. In addition, Lawo’s VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) serves as the overall IP broadcast-control and orchestration system.

Other key IP-based gear includes a Grass Valley Kayenne X-Frame switcher (128 inputs/96 outputs, 9M/E), EVS XT-VIA replay systems (two 12-channel LSM 10 GB, three 8-channel LSM 10 GB, and one 6-channel SpotBox 10 GB), and Sony cameras (11 HDC3500’s, two HDC4300’s, and two HDC-1500R’s) with Canon lenses.

A Calrec Apollo console with Bluefin 2 high-density signal processing (1,020 channels with full signal processing) drives the audio side, and an RTS Adam intercom system (368 ports) handles comms.

In layout, Supershooter 9 is very similar to Supershooter 8, which NEP launched in October 2019, except that the latter’s audio room spans the entire expand with an open, flexible sandbox room directly behind the audio room to serve as part of audio or part of production. Though it runs as a single unit, NEP has built a new support truck to run with Supershooter 9 when requested.

Supershooter 4, designed with A, B and C units, rolls out this week to support the kickoff of the 2020 NFL season, in addition to its use to cover college basketball and golf events. A year in the design and planning stage when COVID-19 spiked in the U.S., the NEP team had to pivot quickly to meet several unforeseen challenges along the way.

Like NEP Supershooter 9, Supershooter 4 is 1080p HDR/4K-capable using a Grass Valley Kayenne-X Frame Switcher, EVS replay systems, Sony cameras with Canon lenses and audio via the Calrec Apollo console. Supershooter 4 is built on the best of IP and its predecessors, with more fire power and a bigger ethernet switch than any other unit to date. Safety is a big part of the new unit design as well. Continual airflow analysis, MERV 13 air filters and ionizers have been added throughout for optimal airflow and air exchange, along with UV-C light and chemical processes for sanitization and plexiglass dividers at workstations along with increased use of support units for social distancing of staff.






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