"True cloud" architecture: Eurosport chooses Grass Valley solutions

Live sports coverage with cloud-based, multi-platform strategy using GV AMPP playout

Eurosport has selected Grass Valley solutions as part of a major technology transformation to provide 'true cloud' architecture supporting playout across the network's sports broadcasts. Eurosport take advantage of a single, streamlined production system, based around Grass Valley's newly launched cloud orchestrated playout system, GV AMPP Playout.

Source: Grass Valley

The project is part of a wider technology transformation Eurosport has been undertaking, which includes utilizing cloud and remote technology within a unified production ecosystem to allow it to create and distribute world-class content onto any platform, from anywhere in the world. The new playout installation allows Eurosport to efficiently deliver every minute of its event coverage across all platforms: linear television, online, streaming, and social media.

A long-time Grass Valley customer, Eurosport once again chose Grass Valley for its ability to deliver the tightest integration between production elements and playout on the market. This first installation of GV AMPP Playout will process Eurosport's playout for the region. The latest application available for Grass Valley's cloud-based production platform empowers the Eurosport team with a wide range of flexible, scalable capabilities.

GV AMPP Playout delivers an elastic playout solution that increases business agility by enabling users to deploy channels, where and when they need them without requiring any additional infrastructure. Built on a cloud-first, microservices architecture, it gives customers infinite scalability with the ability to provision any number of channels quickly and easily. Mission-critical playout operations need fault-tolerant systems that deliver five-nines service availability — GV AMPP Playout's unique self-healing design meets these needs.

The Grass Valley playout system is fully cloud-based and expandable with future GV AMPP applications, allowing Eurosport to use a distributed team of operators connected via the cloud to manage the high volume of content and playout channels that the broadcaster typically handles.

Grass Valley will announce its latest product innovations and strategic updates at the GV LIVE Presents — Engage 2020 event on October 13. This one-hour live program will be streamed to customers and partners around the world at 11am and 9pm EDT. Sign up for the event at: discover.grassvalley.com/gv-live_presents







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