AMC Networks International - UK selects Globecast for playout

21-channel EMEA playout and distribution solution

Globecast has announced that AMC Networks International – UK (AMCNI UK), based in London, UK, has selected Globecast to provide comprehensive playout and distribution services for its EMEA roster of 21 channels. AMCNI UK is a new customer for Globecast.

Source: Globecast / AMC

Playout is handled using a combination of software-based technology, the cloud and playout servers, located at Globecast. AMCNI UK supplies long- and short-form content from its operations in London, uploading directly to the playout system, and that content is then stored in the cloud. When the content is required for playout, it’s downloaded onto the relevant servers. Once the content is in the cloud, it’s managed by Globecast. Globecast also supplies full channel monitoring via a dedicated team and ensures that all content is where it should be, when it should be. AMCNI UK has full visibility via the software-based playout system.
Advertising is also managed via the cloud, using Infrastructure as Code. The script is written by Globecast, which handles the ad sending, acceptance and delivery into the playout system. Globecast also handles the distribution of the channels to a wide range of AMC partners and affiliates, using traditional means such as satellite, IP and ASI fibre as well as newer technologies such as Zixi and SRT.






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