Mobile TV Group launches new OB truck with Calrec technology

"FLEX" OB truck with Calrec Artemis and IP Gateway audio-over-IP capabilities

Denver-based live production company Mobile TV Group (MTVG) has expanded its fleet with the launch of 47 FLEX, which is the third ‘FLEX’ mobile unit within its 30+ OB fleet. The new 47 FLEX truck, along with its sister vehicles 45 FLEX and 46 FLEX, takes full advantage of Calrec’s Artemis digital audio console, with audio-over-IP capabilities via Calrec’s H2-IP Gateway technology, and is built with MTVG’s new Cloud Control capability. 47 FLEX serves the Marquee Sports Network, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Source: Calrec / Mobile TV Group

The three latest FLEX units are dual-trailer outfits, with 53-foot expanding trailers (to 16’6” wide) for unit A, and 53-foot long (8’6” wide) for Unit B VMU trailers. The new dual-trailer units’ infrastructures are all based around the Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame X IP switcher, an Evertz 384-port EXE 2.0 IP router and an Evertz Magnum control system, to offer 1080p capacity that would require at least a 3000×3000 baseband router.
Mobile TV Group is also building a 48 FLEX OB truck, which is a 53-foot expandable unit. It too will house a Calrec Artemis.
Mobile TV Group predominantly services the US sports markets, with units spread across the country, each run by around 50 engineers. The current count of 30+ mobile units, including 15 dual-trailer rigs (Unit A and VMU-Unit B) that can run the group’s ‘dual-feed’ production concept – operations for both home and visiting teams from two spaces but with shared technical resources.




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