Woody Ingest Live now integrated with Rascular’s RouteMaster

Router control capabilities for all Woody Ingest Live customers

Woody Technologies, a provider of software solutions for ingest and media processing announces a partnership with Rascular Technology, longstanding software design company that creates customisable control and monitoring applications for third-party, professional video technologies.

Source: Woody Technologies

Woody Ingest Live - the solution offered by Woody Technologies in partnership with Libero Systems to record SDI, Newtek's NDI and IP streams - is now integrated with Rascular’s RouteMaster, enabling router control capabilities for all Woody Ingest Live customers.
Rascular’s RouteMaster solution integrates with routers from various vendors, supporting a wide range of protocols and brands (Evertz, Grass Valley, Nevion, BlackMagic...). It also allows the combining of a separate audio router and video router into a single entity – even if they are from different vendors. RouteMaster can also construct MultiRouters – where several physical routers are joined together with timelines to form a larger routing system, potentially spread over multiple sites or even continents.
Thanks to this new integration, Woody Ingest Live scheduler allows ingest operators to select a specific source for each recording job. All operations are performed in a web-based UI, allowing both scheduled and crash recordings. RouteMaster can be deployed on Woody Ingest Live scheduler server or run independently. Woody Ingest Live records and delivers media and metadata to any post-production environment or Media Asset Management system, enabling edit while capture for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It integrates with industry-leading MAM solutions including Avid MediaCentral, Grass Valley Stratus, Dalet Galaxy and others.







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